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Every household relies on the sewer system to carry the wastewater away from the house. If you are having problems with your sewer system, F6 plumbing offers sewer repair services to ensure that the wastewater is safely transported away from your house. Our team will make sure that the repair process is done professionally and safely. Here is how you can tell if your sewer line needs repair.

The smell from the sink making a man pinch his nose


Odors are usually the first sign that your sewer system might have problems. It is often caused by waste backup that could not get to the main sewer system. These strong odors usually find their way into your house via broken pipes, through the vents, or the drains inside the house. The smell originates from bacteria, especially if the backup or clog has been sitting for some time.


Flooding Around Property

If you notice flooding around your property, then you should immediately have plumbers check your sewer mains. The floating liquid waste can make the ground soggy and even cause a puddle. You will not appreciate the smell that comes from it either. This kind of flooding can be highly unsanitary for everyone living in or around the affected area.


Slow Drainage

Are your drains taking unusually long to clear? This might be caused by a minor clog in your main drain. No one wants to stand in a pool of water around your bath area every time you want to take a shower. Contact a plumber right away because this is a telltale sign that your mains may be clogged.


Waste Backups In Sinks Or Tubs

When the sewer system stays clogged for a long time, the waste builds up and all the waste can then back up into sinks, tubs, or toilets. This is an unpleasant scene to have to witness, which is why frequent plumbing maintenance is paramount. What’s more, it can lead to damage of property including the sewer pipes underground.

Sewer line maintenance and repair should only be trusted by professionals. We have the equipment to locate the problem and the skill to solve the problem for you. Contact F6 Plumbing to schedule a maintenance or repair service.

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