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Whether it's a clogged drain, leaky pipe, or broken water heater, we've been there and we understand that some emergencies just can't wait. That's why the F6 Family is here to help. You can trust us to take care of all your residential service and repair plumbing needs. Because we have over 20 years of experience, and we pride ourselves on providing honest work and professional customer service for an affordable price. So when your plumbing is on the 'Fritts,' we're the ones to get it fixed.

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Meet Our Team!

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Charles Fritts - Responsible Master Plumber #41859

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Brittney - President/Owner

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Jacob - Field Supervisor


Ashley - CSR, Dispatch


Chris - CSR, Dispatch

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Taylor - Plumbing Technician

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Uriel - Plumbing Technician

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Heather - Permit & Billing Specialist

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Fernando - Plumbing Technician


Michael - Plumbing Technician