F6 Plumbing Are The Shower Repair And Installation Pros

F6 Plumbing Are The Shower Repair And Installation Pros

No matter how small or how large the plumbing problem is, it’s always too big. Whether it be a clogged drain or a leaky shower head, it’s an ongoing nuisance until it’s fixed. With more than 20 years of experience, F6 Plumbing has got the Dallas area sealed up. Read on to see all the ways we have your shower repair and installation solutions.


Shower And Water Pressure Repair

Similar to water temperature, we always hope the water pressure will also be just right. Water pressure problems can come from several factors. The variety of services that we provide enables us to handle countless issues surrounding water pressure, and showers are one of them. We’ll get yours in alignment so you can get back to singing in it.

clogged drain

Clogged Drains

I think we can all agree that a clogged drain is like a bathroom pet peeve, and you want it to go away as soon as possible. Even the redundant clogs that you try to handle yourself, but they keep coming back, have a deeper issue. Our team can provide you with cost-effective solutions that keep your drains and plumbing running smoothly.

woman in new shower

Shower Installation

DIYers beware — this type of installation involves a comprehensive understanding of your plumbing system and should be left to professionals. From basic models to custom showers, you can count on us to install yours properly. Whether you are replacing an old shower or installing a shower in a new build, F6 Plumbing will ensure that your new tub looks great and is properly integrated with the rest of your plumbing system.

new shower head

Shower Head Installation And Replacement

Any type of installation or repair involving your plumbing system that isn’t done with professional quality shouldn’t be taken lightly. If done improperly, a leak could lead to damage to your home that in some cases can be catastrophic. We don’t want to “shower” you with facts, but shower head installment should be taken seriously. All jokes aside, this is a job that F6 plumbing can handle in no time to get your life moving again.

Bathroom renovations and major installations are jobs that can be very meticulous and laborious. Plumbing in general is something that can clog up your life. F6 Plumbing can install any sink, tub, and shower, or handle any plumbing need big or small. Contact F6 Plumbing for shower installation and repairs.

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